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Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Ninja saga cheat collection work 10 million%

Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

- Gold rewards mission at Grade C naginata practice [there should be 4 / 4 or 6 / 6]
- MISSION Chunin, Jounin INSTANT MISSION (for chunin and jounin mission after completing the last mission 5 / 5 is required to refresh / restart Ninja Saganya or press F5).

- ONE HIT KILL HOUSE HUNTING [according to the level]
- [NEW] Gold in the shop [There should be 4 / 4 or 6 / 6]
- [NEW] Reset point in the shop [There should be 4 / 4 or 6 / 6]
- [NEW] Recruit NPC
- [NEW] Instant learn jutsu [There should be 4 / 4 or 6 / 6]
- [NEW] Unlearn jutsu [There should be 4 / 4 or 6 / 6]
- The old gift system [this cheat in peruntuk right for you who have many char] [D SEND AND RECEIVE GIFT HRS HAVE THIS CHEAT!]
- Delay of less than 10 seconds

how to use:
1. Close all browser and fiddler empty [do ctrl + a then press delete on the autoresponder]
2. clear the cache using CCleaner
3. open your fiddler
4. check settings put checks on the enable automatic responses and permit pasthrough]
5. drag / drop the file you want [each folder is a single package, should not be made in one]
6. open bwoser you again
7. you open NS

note the use of longer send gift:
- After you've entered the NS just go to the corner left of you
gift wrap and send pictures to anyone who wrote on the go [sender and receiver must have gift this cheat]
[This cheat in the id which has aimed to cheat a lot]

6 komentar:

BramZ mengatakan...

apa passwordnya kk

Azwin fatanah mengatakan...

bramz: passnya: adjie

Indra mengatakan...

kok minta reconnect ya setelah coba salah satu cheatnya padahal udah seuai dengan petunjuk

ydavid11 mengatakan...

koQ fidler saya gx bsa di buka di PC saya yax ?? mohon bantuannya ...

ibay53 mengatakan...

pcnya harus ada hardisk nya,klo ga ada ga bisa fiddlernya

Azwin fatanah mengatakan...

ibay53:hhahah ibay manusia lucu yang pernah saya lihat komentarnya... "pcnya harus ada hardisknya" yah semua g2(wkwkwk)(^_^) (ngak ada OS klo g2 wkwkwk)
ydavid: harus insatal net framework disini

windows 7 : http://filehippo.com/download_dotnet_framework_4/download/eba9961634198b56f39575841e26e735/

windows xp : http://filehippo.com/download_dotnet_framework_2/download/eeabd59902600cab131b0dd65bd7ccb4/

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